The nomination process commences on the 1st of August 2017.
The last date for requesting for the Nomination form is10th September 2017
The last date for uploading completed Nomination form is 15th September 2017
Last date for withdrawal of nomination is 15th October 2017
Election voting begins on 15th November 2017
Last date for casting votes on 1st day of the 70th Annual Conference of AOI, Indore - 4th Jan 2018 till 5 p.m.

The Election will be held for the following Posts of Office Bearers and AOI Offices:

• President Elect (2018) (ONE POST) For One year
• Honorary Secretary (2018-21) (ONE POST) For Three years
• Honorary Treasurer (2018-21) (ONE POST) For Three years
• Chairman Editorial Board (2018-21) (ONE POST) For Three years
• Editor (2018-21) (ONE POST) For Three years
• Editorial Board (2018) (FOUR POSTS) For One year
• Governing Body Members (2018) (NINE POSTS) For One year

• Only Life Members of the Association, whose names appear in the Register as on 5th February 2017 duly approved by the 69th AOI General Body at AOICON Kolkata are eligible to contest, nominate or second a candidate; As per the information received from the AOI Office, the last eligible life member number is 5709.
• No member can contest for the same post for more than two terms.
• Only members of good standing are eligible to contest, propose or second a candidate as per the constitution.
• The candidates for the post of Secretary and Treasurer should be members of the Mumbai AOI; the candidates for the post of Editor should only be members of the Bhopal AOI. The registered address of the above should be Mumbai or Bhopal respectively. All eligible members of the AOI all over India will vote for the above posts.
• All legal matters of AOI Elections 2018 are subject to Chennai jurisdiction.
• For any queries /clarifications, please send an email to Dr. Ravi Ramalingam, Returning Officer at

Please read the following instructions carefully:

• Members of the AOI who wish to request for the Nomination form should scroll down to the bottom of this page and send their details as requested. This email should be sent strictly from their registered email id only (as per the Eligible Voters List). The email should also contain your full name, Life Membership Number, Registered Mobile number, in addition to the request for the Nomination form.
• The Nomination form and instructions to be followed will be sent to the respective registered email id (as per the Eligible Voters List) after verification within 48 hours.
• The Nomination form will have to be printed, carefully and completely filled up. The complete form with all the relevant signatures will have to be uploaded on the website: . The candidate will have to upload the following:

a) Completed Nomination form
b) Passport size photo
c) Short CV (This will be displayed under the section of “Know your Candidate”).

• Once the nomination documents have been uploaded, the candidate will receive an email to his registered email confirming receipt of the nomination form and other documents.
• Withdrawal of Nomination can be done only between the 15th September and 15th October 2017. Details of the withdrawal process will be updated on the website in due course.
• Scrutiny of the received nomination forms will be carried out by the Scrutiny Committee between the 15th October and 1st November 2017 and the final list of candidates will be put up on the website by the 1st November 2017.
• Voting will commence on the 15th November 2017.
• Further details of the elections will be uploaded in due course.